This feature comic contains mild sexual references. If you can’t handle that, go ask your mommy to go buy you an Intro Pack.


Anyway, the party was going great. We’d just conquered Mirrodin and all of us were there. Except Urabrask, who was hiding as usual.

Then Sorin showed up and started getting all emo.

I tried to comfort him in my ‘own special way’, but then Sheoldred called me a slut so I called her fat and somehow we all ended up on Innistrad.

Bit of a bummer, but Sorin like owns this place. And apparently humans make great cocktails. So I suggested we go straight to his pad.

We met some of his friends…

…but they were a bit weird.

So as the party got into progress I managed to comfort Sorin enough to drag him into the cellar.

The next morning, Sorin wasn’t crying and being emo so much. I think he just needed to get laid. It was time for his….

Then he took me around to show me the place. These are some of the highlights:

And when it was all over, we found our favourite spot by the sea-side.

By Petr Joura, 2012

About sanitycleaver

I am a 27 year old werewolf from Sydney, Australia. My main ambition is to get more money from the government.
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9 Responses to DERP ASCENSION

  1. foxmurdoch says:

    Yeah, this is great. I split myself when you got the cards as other things, esp love the artwork because plenty of the body/head composition work is seamless, without knowing the original card they all look pretty damn correct.

    Love the Demon Dealer

  2. So I’m not the only one making comics about Sorin…
    Here is a more G-rated version, for all those of you that opted for the Intro pack… 😉

  3. Shoe says:

    Wow…that bit where you tied the were-towl joke back in was epic!

  4. bobasdad says:

    Can’t contain the LOL….
    Co-workers staring at me….

  5. flyersfan9191 says:

    dude you are highlarious! i look forward to reading your blog/articles more often and will pass on the word to my group about this gold!

  6. savetun says:

    these comics are incredibly amusing. I will be hanging around too see some more updates in the future. keep up the good work.

  7. Spilight Twarkle says:

    This cracked me up. This site is amazing, first time in years I’m seeing parody cards that are as funny as those on!

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