The Original Nyxathid

This is the original Nyxathid Goes To Town tournament report, as published on the Good Games community website.


In October 2009 I took my pet Legacy deck to a tournament at Good Games Sydney. It was a sweet little rogue creation of mine- a hybrid of Pox and Suicide Black- and featured Nyxathids. It had posted good results before, and this time I was going to write a tournament report about it smashing everyone. I entered the tournament on a high- I was gonna rock the world!

But unfortunately I got my ass handed to me. With my ego sliced up like a teenage babysitter in a cheap horror film, there was no chance I was going to write a report about it now! I threw away all my notes from the games and slumped down in a funk.

But something kept scratching at the corner of my brain as I lay in bed that night. Fact is I wanted to write a report about my Nyxathid deck, and to hell with the results.

And then it came to me- I wouldn’t do a mopey, drivel-filled report; but rather a comic depicting my matchups, and hide my embarrassing defeat in humour. And hell, it’d give my Photoshop skills a workout.

It’s been over a year since I started, and I can remember little more about the tournament than the original match-ups and the results. But I’ve finally had the time to finish it off.

So ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for…

This tournament report is rated MA. It contains childish themes.

Game 1 vs HexDepths: 0-2

Game 2 vs Merfolk: 0-2

Game 3 vs Mono-White Control: 2-1

Game 4 vs Ravager Affinity: 0-2


Like, last place.

And so Nyxathid went back home to his deck box, thoroughly bruised and beaten. But at least not hungry after all those Baneslayers.


This comic would not have been possible without Magic’s incredible range of artists, the following of whose works were appropriated:

Raymond Swanland, Eric Deschamps, Stephen Martiniere, Melissa Benson, Greg Staples, Jesper Esjing, Lorthos the Tidemaker, Kekai Kotaki, Alex Horley-Orlandelli, Ben Dover, Aleksi Briclot, Darrell Riche, Dick Small, Jason Chan, Terese Nielsen, Peter File, Mark A. Nelson, Mark Brill, Carl Critchlow, Lawrence of Arabia, Dave Dorman, Jaime Jones, Botticelli.

All these artworks have their original copyright held by Wizards of the Coast, and have been used, edited and manipulated for non-profit, entertainment purposes only.

Also contains images and references to the motion pictures ‘Monty Python’s Meaning of Life’ and ‘Titanic’. Copyright notices likewise as above. John Cleese appears courtesy of Google Images.

Also contains stock images and original art by Petr Joura.

Only one Nyxathid was harmed in the making of this tournament report. But don’t worry, he’ll get better soon.

Petr Joura, 2010

4 Responses to The Original Nyxathid

  1. bobasdad says:

    I hope to one day live in a world where all tournament reports are as inspired and entertaining as this one. Well done.

  2. flyersfan9191 says:

    this was awesome!

  3. MarkusAR says:

    Poor Nyxathid…

  4. justin says:

    I love that card even if it’s a pain to get out onto the field…

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