Now, about this blog here….

We live in a sad world. Soon, 90% of the internet will all be netdecks. In several years time I will not be able to log onto HuffingtonPost without seeing the latest Tarmogoyf-infested junk. And yet the conventional Magic author continues to produce nothing but this. There is just so much more to this great game of ours than to no-one else is tapping into (get it? Tapping? Yes, sorry, my bad, that was terrible).

This isn’t like any other Magic: the Gathering blog. You’re not going to find a whole stack of decklists and tournament reports here (well, you *might*). There are all too many of them elsewhere on the internet.

It was born out an idea I had two or so years ago, where in order to hide my embarrassing defeat in a tournament report I was writing, I turned it into a hilarious comic instead. That comic was probably the single most popular tournament report of all time published on the Good Games community website, and since then people have been clamouring me to do more.

So Nyxathid Goes To Town is my take on the other sides of Magic. The lifestyle that comes with the game. The flavour that comes with the game. The…

Oh what crap. It’s just an excuse to satirize and humourize the whole thing. There just isn’t enough Magic content out there that actually makes me smile.

About sanitycleaver

I am a 27 year old werewolf from Sydney, Australia. My main ambition is to get more money from the government.
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4 Responses to Now, about this blog here….

  1. Dust says:

    After hearing the hype I Googled “Nyxathid Goes To Town” and found it to be the 3rd hit
    PURE awesome! Keep it up and if this site is anything like that tourny report than I am suer it will be: “SUCESS”!

    p.s. I am lord of th-SLAPPITYSLAPPITYSLAPPITY!

  2. foxmurdoch says:

    Yes, I’ve finally checked out your blog. Keep going. Its’ funny (duh) and the card work is really good.

  3. tylert says:

    Any link to the comic-report? 🙂

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