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Return to Ravnica Review: My Old Love

I haven’t written anything for a while. It’s all Diablo’s fault. Blame him. I’ve been cheating on Magic: the Gathering with yet another Blizzard game. But now he’s dead (some 500 times over), and just in time for Return to … Continue reading

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Top 10 Magic: the Gathering Villains

There is no doubt about it, the bad guy is always the coolest character in any story. A good villain electrifies any story and breathes it life. Darth Vader gave all the spice to Star Wars. Without the Joker, the … Continue reading

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Outrageous Kills and Ludicrous Games

I’ve been playing Magic for a long time. I started when I was ten. That means seventeen years. Magic was around long before my first date, my first job and even my first detention. I mean damn, I’ve been playing … Continue reading

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My Favourite Cards of 2011

So 2011 has come and gone. Actually it went away about a month ago, but hey- being behind with the times is cool. It’s called ‘retro’. And a lot of things happened in 2011. Japan got flattened by a tsunami, … Continue reading

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